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we're just happy to be here

Slant Press is a small batch printshop, run by Tory Van Wey. We craft original, hand printed apparel and products for biophilic design lovers. We think that this world is pretty neat and we're grateful that we got a spot on the cosmic roulette wheel of consciousness. We'd like to share that gratitude with you in the form of beautiful things to bring curiosity into your everyday life.

Good design turns us on

At Slant Press we sacrifice goats to the goddess of Thoughtful Design. Thoughtful Design isn't just about aesthetics. We consider the entire lifecycle of a product before hitting the drawing board. This means conscious sourcing, recyclable materials, earth friendly printing supplies, obsessive reuse, and minimizing waste. Are we perfect? No. We don't expect we will ever be carbon neutral, waste zero, or plastic free. But we strive for incremental improvement always. always. always. 

/ The Slant Values /

  • Curiosity: We will stop asking questions when we are dead. We don't waste time pretending to have all the answers. We value self directed inquiry, the exchange of ideas, and an appreciation for the mysteries beyond our comprehension.
  • Beauty: To expand the definition. Express it. Seek it. To question how and why it drives us.
  • Empathy: All human experience is valid. We strive to learn from others by listening actively, questioning gently, and always remaining open minded.
  • Empowerment: We believe that true confidence comes from nonjudgemental self awareness. And that true confidence can move mountains. 

Tory Van Wey

Tory is the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Slant Press. She designs, draws, prints, and ships everything and...she's just happy to be here. She studied Graphic Design at Loyola Marymount University where her fine art vs. design teachers bugged her to pick a side. She lives in the village of Nicasio, California (yup, technically a village), North of the Golden Gate. She enjoys solitude more than the average bear, rearranging her pens, and marveling at plants. You can also find her teaching DIY classes at WorkshopSF in San Francisco's Western Addition.