Genus Screen Printed Poster

Genus Screen Printed Poster


This piece is magic manifested to imbue your home with abundance and curiosity. An explosion organic life and vivid symbolism tie together the separate elements into a striking statement piece. The plants, animals, and fungi represented in this poster are more than what they seem.

Wheat. symbolizing fertility and abundance, arcs in a graceful nod over cherry blossoms, amanita, and fleabane, symbols of graceful mortality, and vibrant health. Tiger Lily and Rainflower flank the sides symbolizing power and communion. Holding this vignette together in the embrace of her body is a Western Gopher Snake, a symbol of healing and depth.

This screen print is part of an open edition. It measure 16" x 20" and will fit standard frames. It was hand printed by Tory Van Wey in her studio surrounded by bay trees in rural West Marin, California.

This poster comes in a clear poly sleeve with a chipboard backing. It ships flat in a rigid cardboard mailer.

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